How I Chose Princeton

April 22, 2020
Naomi Hess

I officially committed to Princeton before I even finished Princeton Preview. After learning more about the amazing opportunities and people inside the Orange Bubble, everything just felt right. I’m so glad I made the choice to become a tiger, and I hope you will too.

A lot of the reasons that I chose Princeton hold true for plenty of my classmates. When I was looking for the right college, I knew I wanted a small school that had a close-knit community of students and offered personalized instruction. Princeton has an undergraduate focus and a small student-to-faculty ratio that made it easy to form close relationships with professors. I wanted somewhere that would allow me to explore my diverse interests without expecting me to know exactly what I wanted to do. I realized that Princeton would provide unparalleled academic experiences through a liberal arts lens that encouraged exploration and curiosity. Princeton also offered such fantastic need-based financial aid that made it possible for me to afford this amazing school. Princeton checked every box that I was looking for.

Naomi in front of Nassau Hall

There were many other reasons I loved Princeton outside of academics. Everyone I interacted with was so friendly and welcoming. I had a lot of great conversations and got a good feel about campus culture. I was impressed by the large number of student groups; it seemed like there was a club for everything! The campus was also one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. If I couldn’t go to Hogwarts, this seemed like a good substitute! I appreciated the ease of getting around the campus due to its small size. I also loved the town of Princeton and the many cute shops and restaurants right outside Fitz-Randolph Gates. The list of positives about Princeton goes on and on.

I also had certain criteria that I had to consider because of my disability. I needed somewhere within driving distance of my home in Maryland to avoid the inconvenience of plane travel. I was looking for a place with moderate weather, because snow and rain are difficult for my wheelchair to handle. I talked to the disability services offices at every college I considered to make sure my needs could be met appropriately. I was blown away by Princeton’s Office of Disability Services and immediately felt like I was in the right place. 

Although this year Preview will operate in an online form, I encourage you to explore the virtual opportunities and learn more about all the amazing aspects of Princeton. Hope to see you on campus next year!