Statistics for Enrolled Class of 2027

(as of Aug. 21, 2023)


Class Overview

(first-time, first-year)

  • Total enrolled: 1,366
  • 51% of students in the class are female and 49% are male.
  • 17% of students in the class are the first in their families to go to college.
  • 66% of students in the class qualify for financial aid.
  • 22% of students in the class are eligible for need-based Federal Pell Grants.


Middle 50% SAT Scores

  • Math 780-800
  • Evidenced-based Reading and Writing: 760-780


Middle 50% ACT Scores

  • Composite score: 34-35


Secondary School Type

Type Percent of Class
Public 60
Independent Day 19
Religiously Affiliated 12
Non-U.S. Schools 13
Independent Boarding 8
Home-schooled < 1
Military < 1



Group Percent of Class
Asian American 26
International Citizens 14
Hispanic or Latino/a/x 10
Black or African American 9
Multiracial 7
American Indian or Alaska Native < 1
Native Hawaiian American or Other Pacific Islander < 1

Enrollment by U.S. States & Territories

U.S. Maps & Territories for the Class of 2027



The Princeton Class of 2027 includes international students who are citizens of the following 64 countries:

Afghanistan El Salvador Kyrgyzstan South Africa
Albania Ethiopia Mexico South Korea
Argentina France Mongolia South Sudan
Australia Germany Nepal Spain
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ghana Netherlands Sri Lanka
Brazil Greece New Zealand Syria
Cambodia Guatemala Nigeria Tanzania
Cameroon Hog Kong S.A.R. North Macedonia Thailand
Canada Hungary Pakistan Togo
Chile India Philippines Tunisia
China Ireland Poland Turkey
Colombia Italy Portugal Ukraine
Cyprus Jamaica Romania United Kingdom
Czech Republic Japan Rwanda Vietnam
Denmark Kenya Saudi Arabia Yemen
Egypt Kosovo Singapore Zimbabwe