We are committed to building a diverse campus community. Students come to the University from all over the world. By the time they leave, they are Princetonians who have learned and grown personally and intellectually, and who have developed deep bonds that keep them coming back to campus for the rest of their lives. Your experiences pursuing personal interests, exploring different activities, having fun with friends and meeting new people can be as important and inspiring as your education at Princeton.

Tigers of All Stripes

Our 5,200 undergraduate students benefit from living and studying at a residential research institution, where faculty and staff devote much of their time and energy to teaching, advising and supporting undergraduates. Princeton University’s 600-acre campus is located in a cosmopolitan town (population 30,000) in central New Jersey, with easy access by train to Philadelphia and New York City, each about 55 miles away.

Princeton guarantees students on-campus housing for all four years and 98% of students live on campus. During their first two years, all students are required to live on campus in one of seven residential colleges, which offers a variety of academic, social, cultural and recreational programs, as well as academic advising. The colleges are designed to give students a residential experience that takes the fullest possible advantage of the diversity and educational opportunities at Princeton.

Juniors and seniors who wish to continue living in a residential college may do so, or they may live in junior and senior dormitories; they have a number of dining options that include eating clubs, cooperatives and independent dining. First- and second-year students typically take meals in dining halls in the residential colleges.

With more than 500 student organizations, 38 sport clubs, 19 chaplaincies, and several campus centers, the opportunities for students to engage in interests beyond their academic studies abound. Sing with an a cappella group. Perform improv comedy. Join the debate society. Write for the film festival. Try ultimate frisbee. 

Campus Life

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Campus Life

Most Princeton students live on campus, and they eat, study, serve, work, play, pray and relax here too. The University has many programs in place to support your interests and help you feel at home. When a student enrolls at Princeton, their family becomes part of our community too. Families can take part in campus activities and in alumni programs across the globe.

New and Noteworthy

Reunions Alongside Princeton's Oldest Living Alumni

May 30, 2023

Your time at Princeton lives in you until the end of your Old Guard days, and after being here, you join a community of Princetonians whose legacy transcends generations. 

Lions and Tigers: My Study Abroad Experience

May 14, 2023

Going to Kenya was the best experience of my life so far, and I can’t recommend studying abroad enough. As sad as I was to leave Princeton’s beautiful campus and all my friends there, it was so worth it to get the chance to experience new places, cultures, and ecosystems with such an amazing group of people.

Finding Community and Confidence on Bridge Year

May 2, 2023

Take the leap; the lessons you will learn about yourself, the world, and your place within it will be invaluable and unforgettable.