Community based-organizations (CBOs) play a critical role in encouraging and supporting student success in postsecondary education. These organizations strive to provide college preparedness, academic, social and financial awareness for underrepresented communities.

The excellence of this University depends on attracting, supporting and embracing talented people from all backgrounds and with a variety of perspectives and viewpoints.

- Princeton University President, Christopher L. Eisgruber '83

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Collaboration Through Connection


Our goal is to cultivate a diverse and inclusive community by partnering with CBOs to build strong relationships that provide opportunities for collaboration. These partnerships are a means to share resources, goals and outcomes, and to reach students that may not have the resources to learn more about Princeton University or who we are unable to reach through other outreach efforts.


CBO counselors can feel free to contact the Admission Officer assigned to your territory about any questions. Please note: Student inquiries should be directed to, where the officer on duty will promptly reply.