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Undergraduate Student Blog

Tomi Johnson ’16

Portait of Tomi Johnson
Major: Woodrow Wilson School Hometown: Chicago

Tomi (pronounced tow-mee): short for something really long. Nigeria-born, Chicago-raised. Older sister to three younger brothers. TV, travel, music, reading, Instagram – and just about everything in between – aficionado. Huge sports fan (the 3Bs: Blackhawks, Bulls, and Bears), aspiring polyglot (4.5 languages so far!), and future lawyer (hopefully!). Always on the lookout for inspiration.

On campus, I do design and photography for the Daily Princetonian, am involved with the International Relations Council through the Princeton Model UN Conference, the Princeton Interactive Crisis Simulation, & the Princeton Model UN Team, co-chair Butler College Council (following a year-long stint as Intramurals Chair), represent Butler in the College Community Council, and volunteer with Big Sibs! I’m an open book, so feel free to contact me with any questions at