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New Semester, New Me?

As we venture into the third week of the spring semester, students have finally settled on their classes, their weekly routines, and the most efficient shortcuts through the cold winter weather. Some things, though, were settled long before now. When most people were constructing their New Year's resolutions, we were a bit preoccupied with other things.

But like each new year, each new semester brings the opportunity to improve upon the previous one (or two, or few). It's not rare, in fact, to start declaring your resolutions for next semester while still navigating the trenches of another. Personally, I tend to land on my resolutions in this exact way—applying the lessons I learn in the middle of one semester to the start of the next in order to avoid similar "woes."

For me, this semester is all about finding ways to better manage my stress and curb it before it overwhelms me. To this end, I've made a handful of mini-resolutions.

First, I plan to embrace creativity as an outlet, namely by experimenting with my DSLR camera more often. I also want to commit to exercising regularly (realistically, once a week). I resolve to work more consistently on weekdays, doing a few hours each weeknight rather than concentrating it on the weekends. Last, I want to finish three books by the end of the semester. It's not often that I find time to read for fun, but it's very relaxing when I do.

With that said, no two resolutions are alike. So instead of simply detailing my personal goals, I thought I would reach out to my fellow bloggers and ask about their plans for this semester. Below are the resolutions they shared with me!

Image of bloggers' resolutions.
New semester resolutions of my fellow bloggers.






Thanks so much to my amazing fellow bloggers for contributing to this post!