Princeton's Transfer Program looks for a small group of exceptionally well-prepared students from a range of backgrounds, and we particularly encourage applications from students from lower-income backgrounds, community college students and U.S. military veterans.

Our transfer admission program involves a highly individualized holistic review of each applicant’s achievements, talents and potential to contribute to learning at Princeton, with the expectation that admitted students are prepared to thrive in our diverse and rigorous learning environment.

Transfer students, like first-year students, will be able to enroll in the fall term only. Most students will be expected to begin in their sophomore (second) year. However, in some cases, they may begin as juniors, or be required to enter as first-year students. In all cases, this standing is determined by Princeton faculty and college deans after an evaluation of transfer credit.

Additional information about the transfer program is also available through the Office of the Dean of the College's Emma Bloomberg Center for Access and Opportunity

For questions about the transfer admission process, please contact


Transfer Eligibility

Students may transfer for fall entry if they have the equivalent of one or more years of full-time postsecondary transferrable credit by the spring prior to enrollment. Please note:

  • Students with one year of eligible transferrable course units may enter as sophomores; students with two years of transferrable course units may enter as juniors.*

  • Students with the equivalent of one full-time year or more of postsecondary education by the time of enrollment should apply as transfer students. Students with less than one full-time year by the time of enrollment are encouraged to apply as first-year students. No course credit can be transferred through the first-year admission process.

  • Students may not transfer for higher standing than fall of junior year entry.

  • Students who are dual enrolled in both a high school and college program should apply as first-year students.

  • Students who have earned college credits before completing high school cannot transfer those college credits to a Princeton undergraduate degree.

  • Students who have already attained an undergraduate bachelor’s degree or its equivalent are not eligible to apply for transfer admission, or for first-year admission, as Princeton does not grant second bachelor's degrees. However, students are eligible to apply for transfer admission if they have attained an associate’s degree.

* In all cases, eligible transferrable course units and year of entry are determined by Princeton faculty and the college deans.


Credit Transfer

To be eligible to transfer for credit, a course must be completed at an accredited postsecondary institution. The fulfillment of Princeton’s general education requirements is prioritized in awarding transfer credit. Generally, departmental requirements for majors and certificate programs may not be fulfilled through transfer credit. To learn more about what types of courses may fulfill our general education requirements, please review the Undergraduate Announcement.