When awarding aid, we are guided by the following principles:

  1. Admission is need-blind for all applicants, including international students. Need-blind admission means that applying for aid is not in any way a disadvantage in the admission process, ensuring equality of opportunity for low- and middle-income students. 
  2. Princeton financial aid is awarded solely based on need; there are no merit scholarships. We consider an applicant's talents and achievements only in relation to admission. Academic and athletic merits are not considered when awarding aid.
  3. Need is determined through a careful review of each family's individual financial circumstances. Personal attention is given to every admitted student's aid application, taking into account special circumstances and professional judgment in determining aid awards.
  4. The full need of every admitted student is met through grants. The following table provides the average grant awarded to students admitted to the Class of 2025:
Shown below are average grant figures for students whose families reside in the United States. Your grant may vary from the below averages based on the Financial Aid Office's evaluation of your individual family's resources, including assets other than the family home or retirement funds.
Gross Family IncomePercent QualifiedAverage GrantWhat It Covers
$0–65,000100%$77,240Full tuition, room + board
$65,000–85,000100%$70,520Full tuition, 80% room + board
$85,000–100,000100%$68,180Full tuition, 67% room + board

Full tuition, 54% room + board​​​​​

$120,000–140,000100%$62,780Full tuition, 37% room + board


100%$57,550Full tuition, 8% room + board


100%$53,36095% tuition


98%$44,44079% tuition


95%$37,32066% tuition

$250,000 and above
(most who qualify have
2 children in college)

43%$28,82051% tuition

Tuition = $56,010 
Room and board = $18,180