How It Works



After you answer the basic questions describing your family circumstances, the estimator will provide information about both the amount your family would be expected to contribute toward your college costs as well as the aid you could receive from Princeton. The estimator uses Princeton's own formula when determining the family contribution and applies our specific packaging policies (such as no required student loan) to determine the projected aid. The current estimator demonstrates financial aid offers and estimated costs for the 2024-25 academic year. If your first year of college is further into the future, however, it can provide a starting point for understanding how Princeton’s aid program applies to your family.

  • Net Price Calculator: After you review the results of Princeton's aid estimator, you can see how financial aid and your family's contribution can be used to cover Princeton's charges. The net price calculator will help you get an idea of your family's "bottom line" obligations.

  • Limitations: The estimator is designed for families living in the United States and Canada. It will not provide accurate results for families residing outside of these countries.



Important Caveats

The result you receive is not a commitment of an aid offer.

Although this estimator reflects Princeton's own aid practices (which may differ from other colleges), actual offers for admitted students are determined individually by the aid office.

  • Federal student aid eligibility is determined through a separate government methodology.

  • Outside scholarships and employee tuition benefits will be considered part of the aid package and will replace Princeton grant aid dollar-for-dollar.

  • The accuracy of the information you provide on the worksheet affects the accuracy of your estimated results.

  • Your information will not be transmitted to Princeton or stored on this webpage. You should print a copy before you exit the estimator if you want to retain the results.