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An Hour in an Eel Costume

Posted on 12.02.15 | by Lauren Frost

Have you ever stopped to wonder, in a moment of utter woe and misery, if perhaps all the sorrows in your life are caused not by fate, but by a flaky, oily, potato-based food often served with sour cream and applesauce?

Dining with the Stars

Posted on 01.12.15 | by Avaneesh Narla

I am currently the academic chair for Wilson College, one of Princeton's six residential colleges, and am responsible for organizing events where students can interact with professors casually and learn more about their work.

Late Meal

Posted on 12.09.14 | by Kovey Coles

Late meal is practically the watering hole of campus; you see everyone hovering somewhere nearby.


Beasts of the Princeton Wild

Posted on 11.03.14 | by Aliisa Lee
Oh Disney, what tales you spun! Where I live, animals do not rest in my lap or gather round affectionately. The Princeton deer are flighty, raccoons gluttonous, cats indifferent, squirrels deranged, and not even singing to them can help. If I were Snow White, I would choose somewhere far, far away to make my woodland home.


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