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Our Multilingual World

Posted on 10.30.15 | by Avaneesh Narla

Global Seminars are seminar courses organized by the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies in locations around the world where Princeton students are given the opportunity to explore an aspect of life in that region.

Wanted: Field Assistant

Posted on 03.23.15 | by Adrian Tasistro-Hart

Looking for a candidate who enjoys hiking and camping for weeks on end (showers are monthly), who can carry tens of pounds of rocks, and who can cook a dinner resulting in leftovers that are the best kind of lunch.

Drone launch

Two Months in Namibia

Posted on 10.15.14 | by Adrian Tasistro-Hart
Until last January, I had never heard the word “Ediacaran” in my life. Nor could I reliably point out to you where the country Namibia is on a map. Despite that, I spent all of June and July in Namibia as a field assistant for a geosciences graduate student, Akshay Mehra, who is studying what could be some of the first animals who inhabited the earth during the end of the Ediacaran period.


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