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An Unexpected Trip to London

Posted on 07.08.14 | by Rachel Newman
Okay, so maybe the title makes me seem crazier than I really am. Backtrack. As you may remember, this summer I am set to volunteer at the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy in Kolkata, India ...

Spring Break in the Bahamas

Posted on 04.17.14 | by Adrian Tasistro-Hart

The red-eye flight to Fort Lauderdale blinked by, and after stretching our legs and filling out the entry forms, the 16 of us piled into three charter planes bound for Andros International Airport, a glorified landing strip in The Bahamas.

A moment of thought in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Five Reasons to Love the Senior Thesis

Posted on 03.18.14 | by Carmina Aguilar Mancenon
PTL. Wherever I looked, that acronym seemed to be scribbled, from chalk on the sidewalk to Facebook status updates. According to UrbanDictionary.com, "Post-Thesis Life" (or PTL for short) is “the beautiful time when a college senior is finally finished with their senior thesis and can enjoy senior spring like a normal human being.” The Princeton Senior Thesis is a yearlong academic project, usually around 100 pages, required of all Princeton students (though engineers are given the option to pursue a semester-long independent project instead).
A beautiful image of the Louvre at night, with the I.M. Pei pyramid in front.

Croissants, Franglais, and Lady Macbeth in Paris

Posted on 02.28.14 | by Tyler Lawrence
On occasion, Princeton affords me an opportunity that seems nothing short of miraculous. People ask me how these experiences fall into my lap, and sometimes I have an explanation, but oftentimes I’ve just two words: Princeton magic. Over intersession, Princeton magic took me to Paris.


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