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Community at Princeton

Posted on 12.21.18 | by Dom Olivera

One of the most common questions I get asked is, "What made you choose Princeton over the other schools that you applied to?" and the answer isn't as simple for me as it is for some people.

Blair Arch

Freedom to Explore

Posted on 08.01.18 | by Dom Olivera

One of my favorite statistics about Princeton is one which states that 70 percent of students change their major ...

Five of the Coolest On-Campus Jobs

Posted on 08.31.16 | by Serena Zheng

About half of Princeton’s undergraduates work part-time jobs for a variety of reasons: to help contribute to their financial aid package, to save up for personal/future expenditures, or simply to do something they enjoy outside of their schoolwork.

Please Arrive at Least 15 Minutes Early

Posted on 12.28.15 | by Rachel Newman

Many of you reading this have probably recently gone through the college application process or are currently going through it (in which case, stay strong! You're great!).


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