Princeton Record Exchange interior

When most people think of Princeton the town, they think of Palmer Square, upscale shopping and froyo. So. Much. Froyo. What they don’t realize is that Princeton is home to a record store consistently ranked among the top 10 record stores in America.

Picture of Princeton Record Exchange
Take that, froyo.

Princeton Record Exchange, affectionately known as P-Rex, has been selling affordable CDs, DVDs and vinyl since 1980. As you can see in the picture above, the selection at P-Rex is enormous. It’s easy to find something for anyone and everyone. To prove it, I went with my friends Amy, Colleen and Chris.

Amy came to P-Rex with a mission. She and her friend Katherine are starting a Gilmore Girls marathon, and Amy needed to buy the first season. Luckily, she found it almost immediately, and it was $30 cheaper than the normal list price.

Amy with Gilmore Girls DVD
Let the marathon begin!

At P-Rex, you can find a lot of cult classics and TV shows that were canceled too soon. Colleen would have bought this copy of Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Series if she didn’t own it already. Instead, she left it for you! Buy it—it will make you this happy.

Colleen with Freaks and Geeks DVD
Worth it just for teenage James Franco.

When it comes to music, there are more choices than you could ever wish for: jazz, classical, rock, pop, electronic, R&B and more. Many of the CDs are used and can be purchased for next to nothing. Chris picked out Jama Ko by Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba.

Chris with Jama Ko CD
Chris with his CD.

Chris with Jama Ko again
Chris showing his rebellious side.

I went immediately to the record section. P-Rex is one of the few record stores I’ve been to that sells new as well as vintage records. I have a record player at my house in Chicago, so I buy records from P-Rex and then stack them up on a bookshelf in my dorm until I get a chance to bring them home. This one was an exciting find—Days Are Gone by HAIM!

Lauren with Days Are Gone record
Shout out to Amy for a killer photo bomb!

The movie selection is also incredible. I’ve bought some of my favorite movies at P-Rex for $3 each. When we went, there was a little display set up for this year’s award-winning films. Chris and Amy picked out the French film Blue is the Warmest Color.

Chris and Amy with Blue is the Warmest Color DVD
Which one gets it?

Basically, a trip to P-Rex is a perfect opportunity to indulge in your obsessions.

Lauren in the Monty Python section
It's my fault this section is half-empty.

A convenient time to buy gifts for friends and family.

Chris with a pink CD
Chris: "This is for women."

And a super fun study break for you and your friends.

Amy, Colleen, and Chris outside Princeton Record Exchange
Bye P-Rex!

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