From the title of this post, you might be saying to yourself: "The first semester is finally over. Why would I want to take any sort of 'course' during my week of rest?" However, these aren't like your normal academic courses; they're called Wintersession courses.

For those of you who may not know, Wintersession is the week between the end of the first semester in late January and the start of the second semester in February. During this time, there are no official classes in session, so it basically serves as a week-long break to rest and get ready for the new semester. Very often, students will plan trips to various locations during this time or simply go home, but of course there are some students who decide to remain on campus. Thankfully, Princeton provides fun activities for these students to do. These Wintersession courses are typically student-led classes or workshops where you can learn and do all sorts of things, from learning about lucid dreams, making your own homemade pizza, and doing magic tricks, all the way to doing dance workshops with one of the various dance groups on campus such as BAC (Black Arts Company: Dance). These "courses" take place in a very relaxed and friendly setting where you can simply learn or do things you might have thought about doing - or perhaps never thought of doing!

If you're on campus still, you definitely should check them out and see what interests you the most. Also, if you feel inspired, you can teach one as well. This year there's even a course on how to correctly peel an orange, so, as you can see, the possibilities are endless. These courses are offered every Wintersession and are definitely a mini highlight of people's time here at Princeton, so definitely give them a try! Here's the link to the website for this year's offerings.

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