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I often joke that I am completing my “senior year” at Princeton as I come upon my four-year anniversary in my role, at this institution, and within the local community. As I reflect on these past nearly four years, I think about how incredibly grateful I am to have partnered with countless students and committed colleagues in advancing diversity efforts at the University. I am equally appreciative of the community that I have built, as well as the community that has embraced me, during my time here.

I relocated to Princeton from my native home of St. Louis, a community where I have spent most of my life. A place that has reared me up, stretched me wide, and brought me both comfort and challenge. Princeton, as a community, continues to do these for me. It is my belief that we are to spread out and sprout up while navigating the winds along life’s journey. I chose Princeton University because I knew that I would be stretched in my perspective and understanding, and in my assignment. I would have the opportunity to connect with an array of individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, identities, narratives, etc. who would help expand my knowledge.  I chose Princeton because of its commitment to access, inclusion, equity and service. Because WE, as a community, work diligently to create an environment for students that is welcoming and challenging, intentional and engaging, supportive and empowering.

It is because of these reasons that I call Princeton home. Home transcends space and locale. It is a feeling. A sense. An experience. A being. It is my hope that Princeton is home for you over the next several years. In Campus Life and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion-Campus Life, we work to foster the feeling and experience of home for all students. Some ways that we collectively do this is through mentorship programs, such as the Princeton University Mentoring Program and Q’nnections, peer education initiatives, conversation and dialogue circles, community support groups and supporting individuals’ paths to meaning-making. Our team is available to you and here to help make connections throughout the community along your journey.

Why Princeton? Why not?

Welcome home!

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