Princeton in Fall
Fall leaves outside Frist
Fall leaves outside Frist.
On every Orange Key tour, it is tradition that the last question each guide answers is “Why Princeton?”   
Why Princeton? 
I visited Princeton for the first time on Oct. 18, 2014 (there’s even an Instagram post to prove it). I was an incredibly indecisive college applicant. Over the course of my college application process, I visited twenty different campuses of all different sizes and all across the country. I didn’t know what I wanted: I was interested in Biology and then Comparative Literature, and then English, and then pre-med. I was interested in going to a “big” school, though anything would’ve been “big” compared to my high school with a graduating class of 60 students. I was interested in everything, and emerging from high school, you should be! 
Princeton was the last campus I visited. When we arrived at the anxious hour of 9:00 a.m., my parents parked in a parking lot I now know they weren’t supposed to, and we approached campus from behind Firestone Library.

As a first-time visitor to campus, I was immediately struck with immense reverence for my impression of the beauty and immensity of the school and its campus. Shrouded in beautiful, rich orange and red foliage, I knew immediately that I could be really happy here. It was nothing more than a feeling or a nagging intuition; but it was right, and I was right. 

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