Top 5 Study Spots From a Graduating Senior

May 4, 2023
Beatrix Bondor

1. Firestone Library: The Trustee Reading Room

Firestone Library, opened in 1948, is the largest of eleven libraries on Princeton’s campus. It was designed as an open-stack lending library, meaning users can browse all library materials (outside Rare Books and Special Collections) at their leisure. With over 70 miles of shelving and countless desks, tables, and cubicles, Firestone is the ideal place for a serious study session! The Trustee Room, located just to the left of the main lobby, opened in 2020 and is the perfect place to study on a sunny afternoon. I love it because it’s open, bright, and silent, so I can really focus on my work with minimal distractions– and because I submitted my senior thesis here!

Exterior image of Firestone Library, blue sky with clouds
Glass wall with doorway entering a room with tables, letters reading "the trustee reading room" above the door

2. Firestone Library: The Solarium

Also located in Firestone, the solarium is another great place for work! It was designed as part of renovation efforts to increase natural lighting in the library, and, rain or shine, it has a lovely atmosphere. Perks include comfy chairs for reading, a great table with lamps and outlets, and proximity to the Tiger Tea Room (Firestone’s café) for coffee, tea, snacks, and study breaks with friends!

room with reading tables, arm chairs, large windows and sky lights and chandelier

3. East Pyne: Chancellor Green Rotunda

This is one of the most beautiful rooms at Princeton. Originally Pyne Library, East Pyne was built in 1897 and was the main library on campus until Firestone opened. A student center from 1948-1965, Chancellor Green is now once again a study space, crowned with a stained glass ceiling. On sunny afternoons, the octagonal rotunda is glazed with beautiful colors, and at any time of day, it is a breathtakingly beautiful place to study.

rotunda with ornate ceiling and stained glass windows, filled with arm chairs and coffee tables
ornate ceiling of rotunda with stained glasses windows

4. Tiger Inn Library

On busy days, I love working at my eating club’s library! The Tiger Inn, my club, was established in 1890 and is one of Princeton’s eleven eating clubs located on Prospect Avenue. In addition to being where over 70% of students eat all their meals, the eating clubs are important social centers for undergraduate students of all years. When I study at TI, I know I’ll be surrounded by friends!

tudor style room with large study table, fireplace flanked by windows with taxidermy bull above it

5. Home: My Couch!

Boring, but honest– we all need to work at home sometimes. Most nights, I do at least a little bit of reading on my couch. After a busy day, it feels great to relax at home.

grey couch with three pillows, one with a Princeton design