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Time for a Field Trip!

A few weeks ago, my Asian-American history course (AMS 370) took us on a field trip to New York City to spend the afternoon in Chinatown. One great thing about Princeton's location is our proximity to New York City and Philadelphia for class trips, and I got to benefit from one of these fully funded opportunities this weekend!

Our class met at 1 p.m. to first take a walking tour of Chinatown. It was my first time to Chinatown, and I really enjoyed seeing Columbus Park and the Tombs, as well as learning about Chinatown's historical ties with Little Italy.

Columbus Park

The first stop of our tour was Columbus Park, which was full of families on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

We had time to explore the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA). The museum is really modern and was showing a neat exposition on Chinese food and identity in America!


Our class outside of the Museum of Chinese in America.

Of course, both the exhibit and the day made us crave some Chinese food. To end the afternoon, our professor took us all to the Oriental Garden, a Cantonese restaurant that has been highly ranked by both Michelin and Zagat restaurant review guides.


On our way to the restaurant, it was neat to see all of the fresh fruits and produce for sale in the streets.

Overall, Asian-American history has been one of my favorite classes this semester, and this field trip was a really great opportunity to spend more time with my class and to learn more about the Asian-American experience in New York City!