Period Packing Party at Frist Campus Center

Recently, I attended an event sponsored by Princeton Students for Gender Equality (PSGE), a student group on campus dedicated to facilitating discussion on, spreading awareness for, and taking action towards gender equality and inclusion.

The event was called a Period Packing Party. It was part of a weeklong initiative put on by PSGE to celebrate menstruation, a subject that often remains taboo in our society. Together, the volunteers helped put together menstrual kits to donate to a local Trenton homeless shelter. An abundant supply of tampons and pads was collected from a combination of what the group originally had and donations from students who had heard about the event. It was incredibly heartwarming to see people uniting and working for a much needed cause.

The event took place at Frist Campus Center, the heart of campus and student life. The location allowed the event to be visible and attract students that were passing by. We spread ourselves among three tables and got to work. Volunteers at the first table packed the brown bags with pads. I was at the second table where we added tampons to the mix. Then the bags were passed down to the final station where they were rolled up, stapled and placed neatly in boxes, ready to be on their way.

The event was a success. We packaged over 300 period kits in total. People came together for the cause and stayed for the conversations.

It’s easy to get lost in the opportunities at Princeton. Yet setting aside time and prioritizing a cause important to you is a way for young people to take charge of their untapped power and mobilize together for meaningful change.  

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