Surviving the College Admissions Waiting Game

March 21, 2024
Gina Arnau

As senior year draws to a close, the anticipation surrounding college admissions can feel overwhelming. It's natural to fixate on the outcome, but obsessing over it can make the waiting game unbearable. Instead of allowing anxiety to consume you, consider adopting a different approach—one that emphasizes living in the present moment and making the most of your final months of high school.

First and foremost, it's essential to resist the temptation to constantly dwell on college admissions. While it's undoubtedly a significant milestone, fixating on it won't expedite the process or change the outcome. Remember that there's only so much you can control, and worrying excessively won't alter the decision-making process.

Instead, shift your focus to enjoying the present moment. Senior year offers countless opportunities for growth, exploration, and self-discovery. Rather than letting college admissions dominate your thoughts, immerse yourself in new experiences and pursue your passions wholeheartedly. Whether it's joining a club, participating in a community service project, or exploring a new hobby, embrace the chance to broaden your horizons and create lasting memories. Spend time with your loved ones and especially with your friends. You might all be spread out in future years due to college, so make sure to enjoy your time with them. 

Resist the urge to compare yourself to others or measure your worth solely based on college admissions outcomes. Each student's journey is unique, and success is not defined solely by acceptance letters. Trust in your abilities and recognize that your worth extends far beyond the confines of a college application.

In my own experience, while I was waiting for my decision in Barcelona, I found solace in maintaining a sense of normalcy amidst the chaos of college admissions. I continued to prioritize my academic responsibilities, engage in my music extracurricular activities, and spend time with friends and family. By treating college applications as just one aspect of my life rather than its focal point, I was able to alleviate some of the pressure and anxiety associated with the waiting game. No one around me really knew how the American college admissions process worked, so being surrounded by people with whom I couldn’t talk about it or stress about it definitely helped me forget about college decisions. 

Ultimately, I found it helpful to remember that the college admissions process is just one chapter in my life story. Regardless of the outcome, my worth and potential remain unchanged. So, rather than allowing the uncertainty of college admissions to overshadow senior year, choose to enjoy the present moment, explore new opportunities, and pursue your passions. Trust in the journey and have faith that everything will unfold as it's meant to.