In Space, No One Can Hear You Sing

January 9, 2014
Lauren Frost

A few weeks ago, the 123rd Princeton Triangle Show premiered! Hooray!

*free tattoos*
*that’s right I said free tattoos*

Triangle is a touring musical comedy group on campus. Every year, the club puts together a big musical revue and performs it at McCarter, a Broadway-size professional theater that brings in acts from around the world. Because the show is very professionally produced, all of the content is very mature and serious.

I was especially excited about the Triangle premiere because I am a member of the Triangle Writers Workshop, a group of 12-ish people who meet every week to pitch sketches and laugh harder at our jokes than the audience ever will. The writing process began last spring, when we chose space as our theme. We wrote a compelling two hour 3D drama about two astronauts who attempt to recover from the mid-orbit destruction of their space shuttle, then discarded it when Sandra Bullock stole our idea, as she always does. We replaced it with a full-length musical called Zero Gravitas (GET IT? GET IT?). Highlights included a space pirate shanty, a Star Trek gospel number, and a male kick line of Princess Leias singing a song called “Hot Buns.”

After polishing the show in two week-long boot camps, we sent it off into the world totally unsure of its future, like parents sending their kids to college or like 8-year-old me swallowing a nickel and hoping it would come out the other end (true story). The cast, crew, pit, and business team made our script into a performable musical in just a few months. And after attending the premiere, I can officially say that they TOTALLY RUINED IT.

Kidding, it was great. And in all seriousness, if you like to write, or act, or play instruments, or design tech, or advertise, or just watch hilariousness unfold, you should check out Triangle. Plus, if you live in one of these cities, you can watch Zero Gravitas for yourself! You might even get a free tattoo (they seriously do make Triangle temporary tattoos and it’s the best thing in the world).