Smile! You’re on Camera!

September 25, 2016
Michelle Greenfield

One of my favorite things to do on campus is to take pictures. It helps that I’m co-editor in chief of our school’s yearbook, "the Nassau Herald," and that I am always searching for fun and interesting photos to include in the book. But my passion for photography has stemmed from when I was little. Just ask my parents. There are hundreds of photos floating around my house and in every one, there is a giant smile plastered across my face, because I am terrified of being documented in the family albums with a frown or weird look.

Although there is something to just living in the moment, there is also something truly special about being able to look back at those special moments in your life that you always want to remember. I remember that day I got into Princeton, changing into the only orange shirt that I owned at that time (don’t worry I own tons more now), and eating the tiger cake that my family made for me to celebrate.

I remember coming to Princeton Preview and taking the obligatory photo on the steps of Nassau Hall in my brand new Princeton sweatshirt. I remember taking a photo on move in day with my mom before I headed off to Outdoor Action (OA), a pre-orientation program. I remember the first Lawnparties and dressing up in the preppiest outfit I had ever worn. I remember the first day it snowed (I’m from Arizona, snow is a big deal) and taking a picture to crystalize the moment in my mind. I could go on and on about all the amazing memories I have stored in my mind and depicted all over the walls in my room. But instead, frosh, to help you begin your own special photo collection I’ll give you the start of a very long list of photos you should take during this exciting time in your Princeton career.

  1. A photo with your class banner
  2. Nassau Hall steps – enough said (you’ll want this for the before and after thesis photo)  
  3. Matching family photo on tiger steps (yes, you should all be in Princeton gear for this)
  4. First day of school (your parents will want this one)
  5. All Lawnparties
  6. Outdoor Action /Community Action/Fall athlete program
  7. One of your first sporting events
  8. Any Broadway trips
  9. Fall!! The trees here are beautiful. Take tons of pretty photos
  10. Halloween (or Princetaween, as we call it here)
  11. First snowfall (not optional for west coasters, negotiable for east coasters)
  12. Orange and Black Ball
  13. First Dean's Date, a pre-exam deadline for papers and projects
  14. Any trips you go on through Princeton
  15. Semi-formals and formals
  16. Noteworthy visitors who come to campus