Princeton's Community Expands Beyond Campus!

July 21, 2020
Richard Ma

Around this time last year, I was on the verge of beginning my first internship in Boston. I was excited, but I was also trepidatious. I wouldn’t know anyone in Boston. I’d never been to the city, and I’d also never lived on my own for such a long time. I figured that after work, I’d spend most of my time exploring the city on my own, catching up on TV shows, and missing my friends.

Princeton had other ideas in store for me. I wasn’t the only one interning in Boston that summer. Almost immediately, I was being added to group chats and invited to meetups. I met almost every Princetonian interning in Boston that summer, and formed some long-lasting bonds.

I played softball with alums in the Ivy League summer tournament – I can’t remember if we beat Harvard, but let’s just say yes. I went to a hole-in-wall ramen place in Cambridge where the servings are deceptively massive and anyone who finishes their bowl gets a round of applause from the entire restaurant. I went to a Dick’s Last Resort, a restaurant chain where the waiters are purposefully rude to you for comedic purposes, for the first time with a group of new friends and we laughed at the insults the staff scribbled on our hats. We rented bikes along the Charles River on sunny afternoons and spent evenings watching movies at the downtown AMC.

I expected the summer to be mostly just me, but it turned out to be so much more. From the school years to the summers, it’s so wonderfully easy to not only meet new people but keep in touch with them too. Coming up on one year since I first flew into Boston, the memories I made last summer are still fresh in my mind, and as special as all the rest.