Study spot in East Pyne

New Years is a time for reflection and resolutions. Therefore, I reached out to my fellow bloggers about some of their Princeton Resolutions for the coming year. Below you will find a few ways in which students are looking to take advantage of all that Princeton offers in 2017.

Michelle Greenfield '18

My Princeton resolution for this coming year is to search out new and exciting study spots on campus. Princeton has so much beautiful architecture ranging from Collegiate Gothic to contemporary that it is a shame to always sit in my room or in the basement of the library. Therefore, I want to explore the hidden gems the school offers and find those spaces that are quintessentially Princeton. I found one just before leaving for winter break in East Pyne, an academic building, where there is a comfy chair and a beautiful stained glass window of the Princeton shield. I am sure there are many more out there waiting to be discovered.

Briana Pagano '18

My Princeton resolution for the New Year is to attend more of the campus talks that pique my interest. On Dec. 1, I attended a lecture given by bestselling author Richard Preston: "The Hidden Worlds of Narrative Nonfiction."  As Preston read from his book, "The Wild Trees," and recounted daring tales of himself scaling 300-foot redwoods in search of a story, I found myself enthralled and inspired. One of the few students among a sea of grey hair, I promised myself in that moment to take better advantage of the endless hidden wonders Princeton has to offer.

Avaneesh Narla '17

As my time here comes to an end, I have been reflecting a lot on my Princeton experience. I do believe that I have challenged myself academically, and hope to continue doing so in the future. However, before I leave, I want to strengthen the relationships I have made, and seek out new ones among people that I don't ordinarily run into.

Peyton Lawrenz '19

Next semester, I'd like to prioritize forming strong relationships with my new professors! Princeton professors are very open to hearing from their students and getting to know them. I have definitely made the effort to make sure that I get to know all of my professors in past semesters by going to their office hours and setting up appointments to discuss course material or continue conversations from class, but I'd like to take advantage of Princeton's Home Dining Program (aka bring your professor to a meal). Grab a professor, grab some food (for free), and get to know each other!  


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