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Passing The Torch

Moving on from student leadership positions

Hey all, Rachel here. Just some casual rambling on how I'm planning my final Princeton Disability Awareness carnival of my time at Princeton. Tonight, I will attend a training session for my volunteers, but this time, I'm letting one of my other board members lead it so that she can start preparing to take over the group this spring. So many feelings.   

I started as volunteer coordinator of this organization my sophomore spring and became president the following spring. You can check out this post of mine from my time as volunteer coordinator with PDA to get a feel for what this awesome group does.

Since then, I've slept a lot less, but also have gained an incredible amount. Through the past few years, I've overseen over a hundred volunteers and children through our events, and this fall have learned what it's like to plan a conference (hint: it's really hard). I've also had the opportunity to lecture on inclusion and get other students excited about it, too. And yes, I've had the pleasure of saying I am aware that PDA (what we call ourselves for short) does also stand for "public displays of affection." Hey, I didn't create the name — I'm happy to say this group has been around and doing good stuff since 2007.

Anyway, I've got to go count out T-shirts to give to my wonderful volunteers I'll be seeing tonight at the session, but you can definitely look forward to a post on the event once it's over.