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My Summer in Princeton

This summer, I interned in Princeton. It was actually the first summer that I have stayed in the United States since I began as a freshman here! I worked at Princeton in Africa, a non-profit organization that sends recent graduates to different countries on the African continent for year-long service fellowships with a variety of organizations. I started my internship right after my exams ended, and it went really well.

What I really loved about this summer is being able to enjoy Princeton and all that it has to offer on the weekends and in the evenings. I've always lived on campus as a student, so the first exciting difference with respect to this summer was that I moved across Nassau Street to the other side of town! I lived in one of the homes near campus, and I was neighbors with a few of my professors, which is really neat.

Another change is that I am usually so busy with classes and homework during the school year that I am not able to enjoy Princeton itself very much. However, I was able to go downtown and visit the shops and local scene, which has been quite fun--especially since the downtown area is just a five-minute walk from my house!

Princeton's downtown area has lots of cute shops and boutiques.

I loved going to the Princeton Farmer's Market after work on Thursdays, and I went to the Princeton Public Library many times. They have an incredible used book shop (with the latest best-selling titles for $1-$3) and an excellent collection of movies to rent. I loved reading some fiction books and catching up on some television shows. That's what summer is for, in my opinion!

Terhune Farm
One fun thing so far this summer has been venturing out to the nearby Terhune Orchards, where my friend and I bought fresh strawberries and rhubarb for a crisp!

So, all in all, my summer in Princeton was wonderful. I really enjoyed staying local this year and having a chance to enjoy all that Princeton has to offer in the summer months!