My Go-to Spots for Late Night Cravings

March 26, 2024
Jodie De Jesus

If you’re anything like me, then you’re often finding yourself hungry between the wee hours of 9 PM and 2 AM (especially if you’re pulling the occasional all-nighter!). With all the dining halls on campus closing for dinner at 8 PM, I’ve become quite familiar with all the spots to grab a bite at unconventional hours. Here are my rankings of the best places to find food on campus when you need to satisfy that late night craving:

1) Wawa

I’m originally from northern New Jersey, so I was no stranger to Wawa coming to Princeton. But if you aren’t familiar, Wawa is a local convenience store chain—though, not your typical one. Apart from your standard drinks and snacks, they also have made-to-order hoagies, quesadillas, pizza, and a host of other sides and drinks. Located right in between our Dinky train station and Forbes College, the store offers a great option for both a quick bite or a full-blown meal. And it’s 24/7! That’s right, all day everyday. (P.S. One of my favorite things to get there are their Wawa donuts!) 

2) Studio ‘34

Studio ‘34 is one of campus’s hidden gems. The mini-convenience store is located in the basement of Butler College and operates at the following hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 9 PM-2 AM. It was closed down during my freshman year, but as soon as it opened back up when I was a sophomore, Studio ‘34 became one of my most frequented hang out spots. It was the perfect place on the weekends to refuel with friends after a late night out on the Street, or even for a snack-and-study session during the week at one of the common spaces nearby. Definitely a go-to place for both eating and socializing!

3) U-Store

The U-Store located at 36 University Place (right by beautiful Blair Arch!) is another great option for late night snacking. It’s half merch/dorm furnishings store, half grocery store, and totally awesome. They have all your basic grocery store items, as well as fresh produce and even packaged meals from local restaurants like Tiger Noodles (a great affordable option if you’re craving food from Nassau Street!). For students who opt to be Independent, or for any students who like to cook, this is an especially convenient spot to grab ingredients. My junior year dorm is only a few feet away from the U-Store, so I’ve definitely gained a newfound appreciation for it this year. 

4) C-Store

Finally, the C-Store is a must have if you’re in a grab-and-go situation. Its options aren’t as plentiful as the first three, but since it's located within Frist Campus Center—the hub of student life at Princeton—many people pass through it on a daily basis. I’ve often found myself snagging a bottle of Coca Cola or a bag of Welch’s Fruit Snacks while I’m at Frist to study. However, the C-Store does close at 9 PM on weekdays and 11 PM on weekends, so if you’re up super late, you’re better off heading to one of the other stores! 
Honorable Mention: Late Meal at Frist

As an avid Late Meal enthusiast, I have to give a shoutout to one of my favorite Princeton pastimes. Like the C-Store, Late Meal is located within Frist Campus Center. It’s essentially another little cafeteria, intended for students who aren’t able to eat meals at the normal hours or in the dining halls. And if you’re a freshman or sophomore, then you can automatically get food here for free up to $9.50 everyday! They have a ton of different stations: grill, pasta, pizza, salad, Asian cuisine. The only reason it didn’t make my top four rankings is its time restrictions. Late Lunch is offered Monday-Thursday from 11 AM-4 PM and Late Dinner is offered Monday-Friday from 8:30-10 PM. But when it is open, it’s a student-favorite spot to grab food and hang out! (Be warned, though, it can get super busy during peak hours. I recommend ordering ahead for the grill station using our new TigerDash website!)

There you have it! For all of my fellow snack enthusiasts and night owls, these are my go-to spots that I definitely recommend you check out next time you have that late night craving!