My Freshman Seminar Experience

June 20, 2019
Roberto Hasbun

One of the first classes I took at Princeton was a freshman seminar called “Ethics in Finance.” Taking the class was one of the best decisions I made at Princeton.

I learned about ethics in the financial industry by analyzing case studies and past scandals. The professor really cared about us, and I was able to form a meaningful bond with him. I also grew close to my classmates; because it was a seminar, there were only 15 students. Through this seminar, I learned how to participate and contribute to class conversations. It made me question my own morals and think about the ethics behind my career choice.

The highlight of the seminar was our trip to New York City. We visited Acumen, an impact investment firm, and Paul Volcker, the chairman of the Federal Reserve during the Ronald Regan administration. The trip was an amazing experience as we got to meet people at the forefront of the financial industry, and we ended the day with a nice dinner at one of my professor’s favorite restaurants.

Taking a freshman seminar was one of the highlights of my first year at Princeton. I got to meet other first-year students and travel to NYC. I encourage prospective students to visit the Program of Freshman Seminars website and learn about one of the many ways Princeton helps us in the transition to college level course work.

My freshman seminar class with Paul Volcker at his office in Rockefeller Center.