Love at Princeton

February 12, 2024
Jocelyne Wijaya '26

Navigating relationships at Princeton is inevitable when you are surrounded by people who have so much to bring to the table. There are geniuses. Comedians. Dancers. Creators. Visionaries. In fact, it can almost be overwhelming. However, college is a special moment in time where people from all walks of life are within your fingertips and it can be a truly beautiful experience taking advantage of this and getting to know them. That is why, from classes to club practices, there are so many opportunities to introduce new characters to your life. So many people at Princeton are willing to meet others and connect over a bite to eat or a cup of coffee. While it can be daunting taking the first step, you never know where your path might lead you and that is the exciting part of navigating adulthood and building relationships. 

It is true that in an institution that prioritizes rigorous academics, sometimes relationships can be an afterthought, but love is definitely here and it is certainly everywhere. In fact, relationships at Princeton can take shape in many different ways. Sometimes it is romantic and sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes love looks like the warm smiles and friendly chatter between people. Other times, it looks like the couple on the street who is tightly embracing one another. But most times, love looks like people who are kind to themselves. 

Especially at Princeton, there are so many ways to bolster love towards others and love towards yourself. From activities intended to foster positive habits, to tokens of gratitude, love is expressed in a myriad of forms. There are programs and events sponsored by the Residential Colleges dedicated to ensuring that people remain compassionate and connected to each other in times of hardship and difficulty; there are also lavish banquets and spa nights to ensure that people take care of themselves. There are mental health panels, student government sponsored activities, and plenty of other community events to ensure that the Princeton community as a whole can collectively persevere against any hatred or hardship together.

That is why I say love at Princeton is everywhere. Students, faculty, and staff at Princeton try to exemplify love through the intent behind their words but more importantly, their actions towards one another. That is why, approaching love at Princeton doesn’t have to be intimidating. It is in your dorm room, your hall, your classes, your meals, and your school at large. Regardless of its form, love at Princeton manifests itself in many unique forms — both concretely and abstractly.