A Little Bit of Everything: Campus Jobs

March 1, 2024

In the past two years I have been at Princeton, I have worked at 4 different jobs. Most of these jobs were posted on JobX — our website for student employment opportunities — and ranged from working at Firestone library to writing for this very student blog. Each opportunity has given me the privilege of acquiring very diverse experiences and I am always amazed at how many incredible people I’ve met along the way. Here are a few of the jobs I’ve worked at since coming to Princeton:

Marquand Library: I’ve worked at Marquand since I was a Freshman. Nestled in Floor C of Firestone, a typical day at Marquand looks like sitting at our front desk, welcoming patrons, and occasionally doing a scan of different manuscripts and books that students, faculty, and staff request. Working here has always felt special to me — not only because it was my first job at Princeton, but because it is the perfect job to get my day started or to end a long day. I can always know what to expect and I enjoy working with the staff, who are all so knowledgeable yet welcoming. Coming in for a shift here never feels exhausting. If anything, this library serves as a home away from home. 

ELA Conversation Partner: I’ve worked for McGraw as an ELA conversation partner for the past year and I’ve been able to meet incredible people through this program. Each week, I meet with two graduate students for an hour and we work on their conversational English speaking skills; sometimes we will grab coffee and other times we will go grocery shopping. There really is no set agenda — I coordinate and plan our activities and each week will vary dramatically. This job has given me the honor of getting to connect and build relationships with the graduate students here at Princeton; learning how radically different yet similar our lives are from one another has truly been a fun experience.

Communications Intern: As a communications intern for the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council, I’ve been able to do some amazing work with some truly accomplished people. The council consists of 5-6 other individuals who each play an important role in their respective ways. My job is to liaison and interview Princeton alumni, students, faculty, and staff so that I can write a story on the entrepreneurial work they’ve done and the impact they hope to achieve. This has truly broadened my perspective on what entrepreneurship entails and the expansive resources Princeton has to offer. At this job, I get to enjoy learning new things and meeting new people.

Admissions Blogger: The blog you are reading right now is a product of my work as an admissions blogger here at Princeton! When I was applying, this job appealed to me because it provided me a creative outlet to express myself. Moreover, this role enables me to share my Princeton experience while also giving back to our community in a small way. As a blogger, I usually attend monthly meetings and brainstorm on potential topics I’d like to talk about. Then, I write the stories you get to read! This job has really deepened my understanding of student life here at Princeton, not just by reading the other student blogs but also by reflecting on my own experience.