Life After Princeton

February 18, 2021
Roberto Hasbun

When I was applying to Princeton, I was curious to learn more about post-graduation outcomes and the types of careers Princeton students pursue. I hope this blog post sheds some light on what life after Princeton looks like.

Following graduation this upcoming May, I will be pursuing a Master’s in Management at The London School of Economics. I discovered an interest in entrepreneurship during my time at Princeton, so I decided to further my education and strengthen my quantitative skills before launching my career. I am very excited to move to London!

While attending a graduate program in management might be ‘unconventional’ for a history concentrator, there are many skills that I have acquired through my liberal arts education that are essential in the business world: the ability to write a compelling and effective argument, strong reading comprehension skills and a systemic understanding of human institutions.

My friends are pursuing a myriad of careers, all the way from software engineering at Amazon to independent journalism. I have also met many students that changed career interests or are undecided about what they want to do after Princeton and that is totally fine! The advantage of a Princeton education is that the world-renowned academics and extracurricular opportunities provide you with transferable skills that prepare you for the real world.

Princeton is known for its strong alumni network and I have met many alumni that have offered me mentorship and provided invaluable advice. One thing that stood out from my conversations with alumni is that being a Princetonian doesn’t end at graduation. With more than 95,000 Princeton alumni living all around the world, there are various opportunities and events to meet other Princetonians and nurture meaningful connections post-graduation. 

My message to prospective students is that no matter what you want to do in the future, a Princeton education will place you in a good position to fulfill your aspirations. Make sure to tap into the alumni network throughout your undergraduate career and learn from their experiences!