Poe Field
Today, I was late for class: I couldn’t find my second glove, I forgot my computer charger and had to run back to my room to get it, the printer was broken so I had to find another, and it started to rain on my way up campus. Today, I was late for class and it was the least important part of my day. 
Because today I also woke up, read for an hour, shared breakfast with one of my closest friends, went to two classes, caught up with a close friend over coffee, gave a tour, went to precept, ran to the U-Store to pick up a notebook and whipped cream (more on this later!), caught up on readings, watched part of a film for a class, auditioned for an interdisciplinary Italian performance scheduled for later this semester, came home to Butler College and made waffles for dinner (with whipped cream, of course!) to celebrate a successful week of classes. I then met with a friend to discuss a proposal for a student-initiated seminar and spent my evening reading books in Firestone library. My arms are too tired to turn the pages of my book. My legs are exhausted from walking. My eyelids are heavy. However, at the end of this long day, I am full of passion and excitement to know I have dedicated myself to things, people and causes that I care deeply about. 
As a student here, I often feel there are many different obligations competing for my attention. There are things that I have to do: coursework and assignments. Things that I want to do: extracurricular commitments, volunteer, socialize, read for pleasure. And things that I should do: go to interesting lectures, talk with my parents or support and care for my friends. All of these things are important to me, but balance is more important. 
I’ll be on time for class tomorrow. Till then, onward. 

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