Jordan Salama '19 on the Princeton Pre-read, Researching His Thesis Project Down Colombia's Magdalena River and Becoming a Published Author

November 7, 2022

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About the Episode:

In this special episode, we are joined by Princeton Class of 2019 graduate Jordan Salama who wrote his senior thesis about the people and places along Colombia’s main river, the Magdalena. After graduation, he expanded his thesis into the celebrated nonfiction book “Every Day the River Changes: Four Weeks Down the Magdalena,” which has been selected as this year’s Pre-read. The book will inspire first-years to imagine the many ways to pursue their passions while at Princeton. He is interviewed by admission officer and classmate Emma Parish of the Great Class of 2021. 

About Jordan Salama:

Jordan Salama is a writer for National Geographic whose essays and stories also appear regularly in the New York Times and other publications. His first book, “Every Day the River Changes,” was published in 2021 and named one of Kirkus Reviews' top books of the year. Follow him on Instagram: @jordansalama19.

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