This summer, I finally made an Instagram account, and ever since Princeton has been one of my favorite subjects. I’ve decided to share my six favorite #princetagrams with you all!

#1) The Blair-Joline Courtyard in Mathey College

Every morning, I walk out of my room to this view; this photo just happened to be right after the very first snow of the year! 



#2) Blair Arch

Home sweet home – I’m lucky enough to be living in this iconic building this year! It’s a favorite for photo ops and arch sings. 


#3) The Princeton Boathouse on Carnegie Lake

As a former rower, this place will always hold a special place in my heart. Even now it’s one of my favorite spots on campus, especially for an evening run!


#4) The Arches by Holder Hall, Rockefeller College

This walkway is one of those places that never fails to make me stop and think about how lucky I am to go to Princeton. It’s a favorite for Ralph Lauren commercials filmed on campus, and one of the scenes from the move "Admission" was shot here.  


#5) The Cap & Gown Club Library

The eating clubs serve as a place for upperclassmen to eat, hang out, and (sometimes) do schoolwork – this room is one of my favorite places to study on campus. 


#6) The Woody Woo Fountain, Woodrow Wilson School

A perfect place to take pictures when you’re all dressed up before Lawnparties, or to celebrate when you’ve turned in your thesis (if you’re in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy). 


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