Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

March 5, 2020
Naomi Hess

I signed up to write for The Daily Princetonian as soon as I could my first year. Through this experience, not only have I improved as a writer, but I have also found a community to call my own.

The Daily Princetonian, or The Prince for short, is one of the longest-running college newspapers in the country. It prints daily, as the name suggests. I often see people reading The Prince at breakfast, learning about the latest news as they start their day.

I’ve written a lot of interesting articles since joining the paper. You can pitch any story you want; the opportunities are endless! The second article I wrote covered Ellie Kemper’s '02 keynote speech at the She Roars conference for female alumni in October 2018. I talked to her for several minutes and took a picture with her! I commented on her Instagram post from the event, and she followed me back on Instagram. She even likes and comments on some of my posts! When she came back for Class Day 2019, I emailed her through our alumni network about setting up an interview. I talked to her on the phone for almost a half hour to learn about how her time at Princeton prepared her for her acting career.

Ellie Kemper is not the only famous alumni I’ve talked to because of The Prince. This fall, I interviewed seven members of Congress who all graduated from Princeton, including Senator Ted Cruz '92, Congressman John Sarbanes '84 and Congresswoman Terri Sewell '86. These members of Congress came from all over the country and were members of both political parties, but they all had in common a desire to serve their country. It was an eye-opening experience and taught me about talking to people whose opinions differ from my own.

Naomi and the actress Ellie Kemper

While it’s fun to interview politicians and celebrities, I’ve also enjoyed covering student life and campus affairs. I interviewed a student who started Letters to Strangers, an international nonprofit dedicated to combating the stigma of mental health. I wrote about Tiger Treks, student-led trips to New York City and Tel Aviv that explore the burgeoning start-up industries in those cities. I talked to the founder of J-Lats, the first-ever club for students of Jewish and Latinx heritage, about the group’s first Latinx Shabbat

Over the past three semesters, I’ve learned how to develop my own pitches for stories, how to interview sources, how to structure a news article, and much, much more.  I recently became an Associate News Editor, and I'm excited to expand my role in the Prince. While the writing skills are important, so is making new friends that will stay with me long beyond my tenure on the Prince. I always look forward to my time in the newsroom.