Do I Have Everything I Need?

April 22, 2021
Naomi Hess

Like most first-year students, I was both nervous and excited to pack for college. I don’t think I have ever gone shopping as much as I did the summer before my first year. As my move-in date approached, endless questions ran through my mind. Did I have everything I needed? Would I leave essential items at home by accident? How many times would I have to run to Target or order off Amazon to make up for what I inevitably left off my packing list? 

Luckily, packing for Princeton gets easier every year as you get acclimated to campus life. Here’s a guide to some of the most helpful items to bring to Princeton.

Twin XL sheets

It’s important to make sure that your sheets fit the bed that Princeton provides. I have a couple different sets of sheets, and I try not to go too long without changing them.

Mattress topper and mattress protector

Beds in college are not always the most comfortable. Luckily, I got a memory foam mattress topper, and I don’t think I’ve ever slept better because of it. It’s so soft that I put it on my bed at home too! A mattress protector is also important because it helps keep the mattress clean and prevents allergens and bugs from getting into it.

School supplies

In high school, teachers would tell me what school supplies I needed to have, often before class even started. In college, it’s up to us to decide. I usually try to stock up on folders, binders and notebooks before the semester starts. That way I have all the basics, and I can pack my backpack accordingly.


College students live on their laptops, so it’s important to make sure you have one that meets your needs. Princeton even has a program, called Student Computer Initiative (SCI), where you can buy a high-powered laptop at a discounted price. 

Laundry supplies

It isn’t fun, but college students have to do their own laundry. Make sure you have a laundry bag or hamper, and plenty of detergent. The good news: laundry is free at Princeton!


The most fun part of moving into a college dorm is decorating it! I found a bunch of different wall art, from picture frames with inspiring quotes to a flowery wall tapestry. The decorations make my dorm feel more like home.

Decorated dorm room