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The Deadline Has Passed…Now What?!

January 3, 2020
Dean Karen Richardson

It’s post January 1 and (hopefully!) you have submitted your pieces of your application…that includes whatever application platform you chose to use and its requisite questions as well as your essays. Bear in mind that most schools will accept the “external” pieces of your application (college counselor and teacher recommendations, art submissions, interview reports) after the deadline as long as you have created an application by the deadline. So, no need to fret if that teacher recommendation didn’t arrive on January 1.

And now, the waiting begins. We recognize it’s not easy for applicants as we take the next several weeks to review applications and get back to you with a decision. It takes time, not just because of the volume of applications we receive, but because we are truly taking the necessary steps to get to know you through what you’ve written, what you’ve told us is important to you inside and outside of the classroom, and what the people you’ve asked to write letters for you have to say about you. Through this holistic process, we want to know what kind of student and what kind of community member you will be. We weigh all of those factors as we build an intentional community for the campus.

I realize that doesn’t make the waiting any easier! But, there are some things I suggest you do during this period:

  1. Enjoy your senior year of high school – it’s the only one you’ll get. The fall was likely a little stressful getting your applications together, but you’ve still got the spring to enjoy friendships and activities that only come with being a senior.
  2. Along with the above, keep your head in your studies. I know, it seems a little contradictory! But colleges want to see that you have maintained the good grades you presented when you applied all throughout your senior year.
  3. Continue to engage in your activities outside of class. While colleges won’t check up on this, the ways you choose to spend your time are part of what makes you YOU.
  4. Finally, and this is probably the hardest one of all, let it go. The process is now out of your hands, and you’ve done all that you can do. Try not to worry about the outcome. Know that the decision, no matter what it is, will have been carefully considered by the admission office. And believe that you will end up on a campus that is a good fit for you.

All best wishes to you as you enter this period of waiting. We look forward to being back in touch with you soon.