CU Nova: Speed Meeting Virtual Event

October 15, 2020
Fedjine Mitchelle Victor

This fall, Christian Union NOVA hosted one of its first virtual events this semester entitled "Speed Meeting," which was a cool way of meeting new people (and a nice spin on speed dating). Christian Union Nova is a Christian-based group on campus, partnered with the Office of Religious Life. It truly is like a second home for me! There are so many ways to get involved like worship and a weekly lecture series called "Encounter" and "TruThursday."

The hosts would use the breakout room feature on Zoom to randomly match two students into rooms and they would have about 2-4 minutes to chat. The whole event lasted about an hour. Some of the questions I encountered ranged from “Why did you pick your major?” to “If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be?” I was matched with 5-6 different people and it was so much fun. The rounds weren’t awkward at all. Though I met people in Christian Nova from all years, it was primarily a great opportunity for first-years to get to know members of the NOVA community. I felt that this event allowed us to engage with one another on a level even beyond what in-person events could offer. Because I joined Christian Union Nova my sophomore fall,  I didn't have the chance to "speed meet" everyone like many first-years would during orientation. Since this event was open to anyone and everyone interested, however, I met some really cool people and got to know some first years! 

If making friends and thinking through what clubs to join is at the top of your priority list, just know that there are events that are suited for even the most introverted person and there is absolutely no pressure. You will find your people and find the clubs that are cool, fun and so interesting to you. Even in the midst of this strange Zoom environment, I really appreciated CU Nova for bringing community and family to the virtual scene.

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