Concentration Declaration Day!

July 15, 2019
Roberto Hasbun

Concentration Declaration Day is when all sophomores officially declare their majors! We all took pictures with our banners as we joined our respective departments. For me, this was a meaningful day because I finally declared History after being undecided for a while. In this post, two other bloggers and I will share why we declared our concentrations.

I chose to declare History because of my great experiences with the History department. The professors are leading experts in their field and small class sizes allow for engaging seminars. History has taught me how to construct a compelling argument based on past events and has changed my way of thinking about the world. My writing and argumentative skills have improved substantially, and I can’t wait to start my independent work on Colonial Latin America.

Rob standing behind the History concentration banner

“I chose to be a Politics concentrator because I am fascinated, and a little intimidated, by the current global political climate, and I wanted to give myself the educational context to someday make a difference in that realm. Reaffirming my choice of this concentration is my newfound interest in political theory- something I was only exposed to in college- which introduced me to novel and crucial ways of thinking about the underpinnings of different political systems around the world.”

 - Mallory Williamson ‘21

Mallory standing behind the Politics concentration banner

“I came to Princeton thinking I wanted to concentrate in math or Operational Research in Finance and Engineering (ORFE), but I also knew I was passionate about social change and educational equality. When I discovered that I could develop my quantitative analysis skills while also exploring social issues and social phenomena in sociology, I was hooked. Some of the most thought-provoking and interesting classes have been in sociology, and I've absolutely adored the flexibility and applicability of sociology to almost any field. The blend of qualitative and quantitative analysis makes this concentration super interesting, and I'm excited to see where it takes me!”

 - Daniel Kim ‘21

Daniel standing behind the Sociology concentration banner