Clubs at Princeton

September 27, 2016
Michelle Greenfield

One of the craziest and overwhelming experiences during your first few weeks at Princeton is the activity fair. You walk into Dillon gym and are instantly surrounded by hundreds of students asking you if you sing or dance and drawing you in toward their table. There are so many different types of songs playing and sporting equipment being thrown around that it is a bit intimidating. Yet, there is an incredible feeling of excitement in the air as every group is super friendly and wants to explain to you why they are deserving of your time.

As I walked around trying to avoid running into other students, I knew I wanted to continue many of the activities that I participated in high school, since they would bring a familiarity to a new college experience. Therefore, I found all of the tables that related to things I was used to. However, it didn’t take long to realize that Princeton had so many things to offer that I didn’t need to stay within my high-school shell. Consequently, I signed up for dozens of student groups that looked appealing, I had some interest in, or as was sometimes the case, the person cornered me and talked about their program for so long that I felt obligated to sign up for emails.

Because of the energy of the student leaders and their excitement about the new freshman, I found many groups I might not have participated in if I had just stayed with my high school activities. Now, this isn’t to say you have to completely switch your lifestyle once you get to college. I definitely didn’t do that. But what I did do was expand my beliefs and open my eyes to new opportunities.

For instance, I applied to be a part of the Nassau Herald, Princeton’s yearbook, and joined club volleyball, both of which I was very involved with in high school. Yet, I also became an Outdoor Action (OA) leader, something (the hiking and camping element) I had no interest in until I went on OA as a first-year student. I also joined the Cheese and Bad Movie Club, Princeton’s Green Team, Koach, the Conservation Club, 3D printing, the Conservation Society in addition to a ton of other clubs that sounded interesting and fun.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Princeton has so many clubs and activities that there is something for everyone. This website lists the current organized student clubs, and there are more being added every year. Whether it’s dancing, singing, student government, sustainability or whatever else interests you, Princeton has a club for it and a group of students who also share that passion with you.