Club Spotlight: Cheese and Bad Movies

June 3, 2017
Michelle Greenfield

Princeton University boasts nearly 300 student organizations, meaning that there is something for everyone. If poetry was your thing in high school, there’s a poetry and spoken word club waiting you. If you preferred singing or dancing, there are dozens of a cappella and dance groups that will suit your need. We even have clubs you never thought you needed to be a part of until now. One of those clubs is the Cheese and Bad Movie Club.

This club arose when the Cheese Club was looking for a way to bring in more members. What could possibly be better at attracting new members than bad movies? Soon enough, the Cheese and Bad Movie Club was born. Although the club might sound a little crazy at first, growing their numbers is exactly what they did.

The premise of the club is exactly as the name suggests: you eat cheese while watching bad movies. However, this cheese is no ordinary cheese. The club serves only the finest of cheeses. From Gouda to bleu to sheep to Brie, the cheese and bad movie club serves it all. The movies don’t disappoint either. Some highlights from this past semester include "Repo Man: The Genetic Opera," "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes," "Battlefield Earth" and "Sharknado." If you haven’t heard of any of these movies before, I promise you, they are some of the best-of-the-worst bad movies you will find. Plus, the films are screened in the classroom where Albert Einstein used to guest lecture, which makes everything even more exciting.

Co-presidents of the club Brigid Ehrmantraut and Zach Feig comment, “CaBaM may be the least orthodox student organization at Princeton, but we're certainly one of the most down to earth. Come for the cheese; stay for the movies!”

Cheese and Bad Movies is one of the many fun clubs and organizations Princeton has to offer. Click here to see a list of other clubs.