On-Campus Jobs

March 13, 2020
Roberto Hasbun

Princeton offers different types of campus jobs for all undergraduate students. These jobs provide money to cover extra costs, such as books and travel to and from home. Working on campus can include conducting campus tours, assisting in research, tutoring other students and even baking cookies! 

When I first arrived at Princeton, I had several questions regarding student employment. How will I balance academics with a part-time job? Do I possess any relevant skills for these jobs? How do I hold myself accountable? 

My first job was working in the dining hall. From washing dishes to being on time for my shifts, I learned several practical skills. Additionally, I formed friendships with the other dining hall student workers, as we would all have dinner together right before our shift. I later got a job at the Marquand Library as a front desk worker, where I assist patrons with book requests and take care of  day-to-day operations.

Having a part-time job on campus is beneficial for two reasons: you become more independent and earn your own wages. For many, this is the first time they are held accountable as an employee and are assigned duties and responsibilities. For me, putting aside 10 hours per week for my jobs taught me how to manage my time efficiently. It also taught me about teamwork and how your co-workers depend on you. This was my first time earning my own income and it taught me how to use that money wisely.

For prospective students, I assure you that working on campus is auspicious to personal and monetary growth. It serves as an introduction to the real world and teaches you practical skills that you might end up using in the future!