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Undergraduate Student Blog

Anna Marsh ’20

Anna Marsh '20
Major: Prospective Environmental Engineering Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey

Hey, I’m Anna! I’m from Princeton, New Jersey and before spending the next four years in my hometown ;), I am living in Brazil through Princeton’s Bridge Year Program. I have spent the past six and a half months in Salvador (the coastal, cultural capital of the country) living with a homestay family, learning Portuguese, and working with an incredible urban gardening organization called Canteiros Coletivos. And in between have had an incredible time exploring this vibrant city and getting to know its wonderful people, delicious food, and natural beauty. 

Taking a gap year has been an amazing decision for a number of different reasons. After a rather rigorous high school experience, it has been very rewarding to step outside of the conventional classroom and see the world from a new perspective, at a new pace. I have had the opportunity to pursue my passion for sustainable agriculture while also discovering new ones. I’ve experienced another way of life in another language. And perhaps most importantly, I’ve become more conscious of global conflicts, of where our generation should direct our attention and energy as we pursue an education and eventually work towards improving the world. 

To read more about my experience in Brazil, check out my blog! Or to hear from the 34 other incredible Bridge Year Students and find out more about the program itself, you can explore the Bridge Year Website or specifically the group updates from the field.