First-Year Supplemental Questions


You will be able to view the Supplement in full after you add Princeton University to your list on the Common Application. Please note: Princeton also requires you to submit a graded written paper as part of your application. Learn more.


For A.B. Degree Applicants or Those Who Are Undecided

As a research institution that also prides itself on its liberal arts curriculum, Princeton allows students to explore areas across the humanities and the arts, the natural sciences, and the social sciences. What academic areas most pique your curiosity, and how do the programs offered at Princeton suit your particular interests? (Please respond in 250 words or fewer.)


For B.S.E Degree Applicants

Please describe why you are interested in studying engineering at Princeton. Include any of your experiences in or exposure to engineering, and how you think the programs offered at the University suit your particular interests. (Please respond in 250 words or fewer.)


Extracurricular Activity and Work Experience

Briefly elaborate on an activity, organization work experience, or hobby that has been particularly meaningful to you. (Please respond in 150 words or fewer.)


Your Voice

Please respond to each question in an essay of 250 words or fewer.

  1. At Princeton, we value diverse perspectives and the ability to have respectful dialogue about difficult issues. Share a time when you had a conversation with a person or a group of people about a difficult topic. What insight did you gain, and how would you incorporate that knowledge into your thinking in the future?

  2. Princeton has a longstanding commitment to service and civic engagement. Tell us how your story intersects (or will intersect) with these ideals.


More About You

Please respond to each question in 50 words or fewer. There are no right or wrong answers. Be yourself!

  1. What is a new skill you would like to learn in college?

  2. What brings you joy? 

  3. What song represents the soundtrack of your life at this moment?