For more than 265 years, Princeton alumni have contributed extensively to the life of the University and to the larger society. Today, there are over 95,000 living Princeton alumni in all 50 states and 153 countries.

The dedication and loyalty of Princeton alumni is legendary. In any given year, approximately 26,555 alumni volunteers work for the University in class and regional association activities, schools committees, community service, fundraising, and by providing opportunities and advice to students and young alumni interested in internships and careers. Many alumni also serve in University advisory and leadership roles.

Princeton's alumni make extraordinary things happen beyond the University. Many alumni work together to address societal issues in their communities and beyond, including promoting education reform, improving race relations, or establishing programs for needy children. In some cases, such efforts even started when they were still undergraduates.

We invite you to meet some recent Princeton graduates and listen as they look back on why they chose Princeton and what this University continues to mean to them. Several benefited from the University's groundbreaking no loan financial aid program, which was established in 2001.