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Wanted: Field Assistant

Posted on 03.23.15 | by Adrian Tasistro-Hart

Looking for a candidate who enjoys hiking and camping for weeks on end (showers are monthly), who can carry tens of pounds of rocks, and who can cook a dinner resulting in leftovers that are the best kind of lunch.


Posted on 03.23.15 | by Libby Tolman

The exact form of the thesis and the time frame in which students complete it vary a lot between departments, but in physics the process starts in the summer before senior year when students decide what topic they want to work on; whether they want to do computational, theoretical, or experimental physics; and who they want to advise them.

High Above Antarctica

Posted on 02.24.15 | by William C. Jones

Drifting through the stratosphere about 116,000-feet above the Earth, SPIDER's six cameras collected data that will enable us to look for the characteristic signature of gravitational waves generated in the early Universe.

Dining with the Stars

Posted on 01.12.15 | by Avaneesh Narla

I am currently the academic chair for Wilson College, one of Princeton's six residential colleges, and am responsible for organizing events where students can interact with professors casually and learn more about their work.

Drone launch

Two Months in Namibia

Posted on 10.15.14 | by Adrian Tasistro-Hart
Until last January, I had never heard the word “Ediacaran” in my life. Nor could I reliably point out to you where the country Namibia is on a map. Despite that, I spent all of June and July in Namibia as a field assistant for a geosciences graduate student, Akshay Mehra, who is studying what could be some of the first animals who inhabited the earth during the end of the Ediacaran period.


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