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Undergraduate Student Blog

Treasuring Times as a Tiger

My bulletin board of memories, photographs and mementos

One of my favorite things about returning home for break is simply being back in my own house, and I specifically love coming back to my cozy room. I'm one of those lucky students who still has their bedroom at home (it has not yet been converted into a guest or storage room!), and above my bookcase, I have a bulletin board that I always update with my latest Princeton adventures whenever I come home. Every time that I look at it, it reminds me of the amazing adventures I have had these past few years as a Princeton student.

Bulletin Board before

Here's my "before" photo of what my bulletin board looked like when I first got here...

I display so many wonderful Princeton memories here, starting from even my pre-Princeton days! Do you see that I still have the sticker that Princeton mailed to me in my acceptance packet as a recently admitted student (top-left)? And, even before that, there is the photo of a few friends and me at the Princeton University Summer Journalism Program as a high school student (which was my first exposure to Princeton). It's there in the top-right! Then, there are pictures from studying abroad during my junior fall: my ticket to go up the Eiffel Tower; a picture inside of my all-time favorite bookstore (Daunt Books) that my friend Ali and I discovered during a weekend trip to London; a map of Belgium from another weekend trip ...

There also are pictures and tokens from more local adventures during my past four years. I'll always keep my Playbill from seeing "The Lion King" as a first-year student. Going to that show was my first Broadway experience, and my friends and I had such a great time exploring Times Square and seeing the play that day! There is also my Broadway ticket to the musical "Wicked," as well as a ticket to the New York City Ballet's "The Nutcracker." Both were trips organized by Butler College, a residential college on campus, and were incredible shows.

Next to my Playbill is a small Swiss flag that my professor gave each of us at the end of our Global Seminar in Switzerland, as well as a postcard from the botanical gardens in Geneva, which are absolutely gorgeous in the summer! You might also see the picture of my three Princeton friends and me at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade (bottom-right). We look cold, but happy! We still get together and reminisce about the fun memories that we made that day. And, in the middle, is a picture of three of my friends and me at the Griggstown Canoe and Kayak Rental that we visit each spring and fall on the Delaware and Raritan Canal.

What is most exciting is that each time that I come home, I have more pictures, tickets, or tidbits to add to my bulletin board, which makes me so thankful for all of the exciting opportunities that Princeton always presents for me.

Bulletin Board after

And here's my "after" photo of what my bulletin board looks like now!

This trip, what did I add? Well, there's the photo of my friend Jamie and me from this fall when we visited the pumpkin patch at Terhune Orchards, a family farm just outside of Princeton. I also added a picture of my friend and me by the famous LOVE statue in Philadelphia from a fun day trip off-campus. And, because I'm currently braving the (extremely) cold winter in northern Idaho, I redisplayed my admission ticket to the Acropolis (bottom-center). I visited it several times during my Princeton summer internship in Athens, Greece, in 2015, and I am currently missing that wonderful Greek sun!

What will I add the next time that I am home? We will see what final adventures this senior spring brings!