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Books and Crannies

Posted on Mar 5 2014, by Aliisa Lee ’16

At Princeton, in addition to eating, hanging with friends, participating in fantastic classes and activities—all that jazz—we also do this thing called studying. For real! So just as much as everyone needs to have places to socialize, most people have little nooks and crannies on campus where they can slip away to study or read. Let me take you for a little tour of my favorite study spots and libraries!

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Mid-semester Crisis

Posted on Jan 7 2014, by Tyler Lawrence ’16

My roommate calls the day the registrar posts classes for the next semester my “mid-semester crisis.” From that day, right up until the moment when I register during the last week of classes, I will spend unholy amounts of time planning, re-planning, rethinking and rearranging my course options.

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