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Smashing Pumpkins with Smashing Pumpkins

Posted on 02.27.14 | by Layton Hopper

The college experience, perhaps more so than any other, should be defined by a sense of freedom – the freedom to study what interests us, the freedom to transform ourselves into whomever we want to be, and, of course, the freedom to let loose like we’ve always wanted. I’m happy to say that it was this freedom that pervaded at Wilson College’s last study break.

Eating Clubs Up Close

Posted on 02.27.14 | by Dylan Larson-Konar

Just over two-thirds of Princeton upperclassmen are members of an eating club. There are 11 clubs in total and each has its own distinct feel.

Doing What I Love

Posted on 02.11.14 | by Rachel Newman

So winter break has been happening these past few weeks, and I have loved every minute of relaxation. But there’s been this nagging excitement in me since the day I left campus.

Between Homes

Posted on 01.27.14 | by Kovey Coles
It’s that time of the year. The semester is coming to a close here in the Orange Bubble. The New Jersey air grows more chilly than ever, just cold enough to make you rethink that night-time trek to late meal. More important, this is the time of settling back into university life, after a tumultuous period of mass transit. Within the span of a few months (October – January), Princeton students travel to take time off for Fall break, Thanksgiving break, and Winter break, back-to-back-to-back. But now as we return to our dorms and the holiday season wanes, we are refreshed, full of new travel stories, and ready for.. okay maybe not quite ready for finals.

Mid-semester Crisis

Posted on 01.07.14 | by Tyler Lawrence

My roommate calls the day the registrar posts classes for the next semester my “mid-semester crisis.” From that day, right up until the moment when I register during the last week of classes, I will spend unholy amounts of time planning, re-planning, rethinking and rearranging my course options.


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